4 Personal Finance Management Apps for Young Adults

Managing money is a skill and not everybody can acquire it. It requires some amount of financial literacy to make a budget and stick to it and handle the investment decisions. For those who find it difficult to handle personal finance especially the young adults, technology has come up with some apps to make things easy. Here are 4 personal finance management apps to help you become financially savvy and independent,

  1. You Need a Budget (YNAB)

This is a unique app that helps you plan things to stop living from one pay check to another. It doesn’t allow you to make provisions for money that are not present physically but only on your actual real income. In case you get off balance due to any unforeseen expense, it helps you with options to balance your budget. It is not available for free, but paying a little fee to get this app is fully justified. It helps you to lower down your debt and there is also a live instructor to help you learn some budgeting basics.

  1. Toshl Finance

Similar to the conventional ledger, Toshl Finance is a digital age chequebook ledger. It can be utilised by the young to make their monthly budgets and keep a track on their expenses which are to be logged by the user of this app.

  1. Wally

If you are lazy to type in your expenses, just install Wally in order to track them. It permits you to take the pictures of your expenses, which is easy and convenient. All you need to do is contain all your receipts and upload the pictures at the end of the day, week or month as per your preference. Switching on the geo-location on your device would add many information on its own saving you from a lot of efforts as well.

  1. BillGuard

Grey charges are something that gets the person off guard. BillGuard highlights all such hidden expenses like the auto-renewal fees, monthly fees, membership fee, etc. so as to keep you on top of things and not get caught off guard.

Using any of these personal finance management apps as per the requirement helps the young adults to keep their personal finances on track.


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